Badgers abroad

Madison has plenty to offer outside of the classroom. With outdoor trails, docks on the water, and a beautiful terrace to look over Lake Mendota. However, there were some Wisconsin Scholars who were looking for more. They choose to travel across the globe to learn in a new culture. Traveling abroad comes with several benefits, but also some challenges to ensure it works in into your college plan. Seniors Hunter Thompson and Kyle Sandow went to Hangzhou, China and Umeå, Sweden, respectively. Junior Sean Casey is studying in Dublin, Ireland.

Hunter worked with his adviser to set up a senior year study abroad to ensure he can graduate when he gets back. His program is called Experience China and is full of people who cannot understand the language. However, he has been able to adapt to the culture. This is how he describes his first three weeks there so far, "This is an amazing feeling in a country where you are blind, deaf, and mute to the language. I feel that the world is bigger, yet smaller than I could have ever imagined. I can't think of a better way to spend my last semester of my undergrad, after these three months, I will be able to accomplish anything!"

Meanwhile is Sweden, Kyle is studying how their government can function through many social programs and heavy taxation. The experience has prolonged his graduation, but he is still happy to make the sacrifice, since many people who graduate regret not studying abroad. Kyle describes his experience abroad so far: "Being away from everything you know definitely has it's challenges. But those challenges push you out of your comfort zone and contribute to your personal and intellectual growth."