Austin Potrue
Majors: Microbiology and History of Science
Club: Green Acres CC

Austin has enjoyed his time in Madison at concerts at Memorial Union, Mifflin, and Shrek Fest. As an Evans Scholar, Austin’s favorite experiences include Summer Outing and activation night as a first-year student and parent. After graduation, he will be studying at the School of Dental Medicine at Southern Illinois University.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to be a member of the Evans community and student at UW-Madison.”

Ben Wanke
Majors: Retail and Consumer Behavior
Certificate: Entrepreneurship
Club: West Bend CC 

Ben was a part of the Wisconsin Fishing Team, where he had his best experiences as he traveled across the country for fishing tournaments and trips. As an Evans Scholar, his favorite nights in the Evans Scholarship House were when we got together and played cards on some nights.

“The bonding between the people in the House during those nights has created friendships that will last my entire life.”

After graduation, he is going to work in sales and customer service fields, and has many tournaments to fish this summer, including two national championships!

Brennan Murphy
Majors: Journalism and Communication Arts
Certificate: Digital Studies
Club: Maple Bluff CC

"It feels like The Hunger Games," exclaimed Hayley Ostrowski, 18, surrounded by a group of other sweaty, nervous 18-year-olds.

These kids were ready to interview for the opportunity of a lifetime. Little did I not know this ice-breaking joke would be one from a person I’d consider a sister over the next four years. This goes the same for the rest of my class. There really isn’t an explanation for the camaraderie you experience with someone in the Evans Scholarship House. It’s not just ‘we live together,’ it’s ‘they’re my roommate’ or ‘they’re my housemate,’ really neither explain to outsiders how great the connection is between you and another Scholar.

With these other Scholars and with those outside of the House, I’ve spent my time in Madison living my life to the fullest. From meal job to football games I really can’t explain what this has meant to me. I feel incredibly privileged to even just have enjoyed the moments I thought at the time were small – playing Mario Kart with my roommates freshman year, in turn, playing with freshmen as a sophomore, and sharing the perspective that was shared with me by upperclassmen when I was a freshman. There is an intrinsic verisimilitude to the joy I felt being a part of this chapter. The emotion is immeasurable, my gratitude is insurmountable and the foundations I have been blessed to receive I am ecstatic to keep building upon.

David Emma
Majors: Finance and Real Estate
Certificates: Environmental Studies
Club: Westmoor CC

David enjoyed time with friends and exploring Madison during his time in school. Being an Evans Scholar opened him to a diverse community of people we have in the Scholarship House. He will be graduating in December and work at Baker Tilly in Madison, eventually transferring to Chicago.

Devin Kelly
Majors: Psychology and Legal Studies
Certificates: Criminal Justice
Club: Big Foot CC

Devin has really enjoyed being able to pursue different academic interests in Madison. She also was able to study abroad and gain a cross-cultural perspective on her future career. After graduation she plans to continue working with the UW-Madison Trans Research Lab, Dane County Rape Crisis Center, and Madison-Area Urban Ministries through the summer. Then in August, she will be moving to Boston, Massachusetts, to pursue employment in the social justice field and a master’s degree in counseling psychology.

Elizabeth McMahon
Major: Kinesiology
Certificate: Global Health
Club: Nakoma CC

Liz enjoyed going to as many Badger games as possible, and playing on the club basketball team. As an Evans Scholar, her favorite events were Golf Ball, Summer Outing and Welcome Week, where she got to know the rest of her fellow Scholars. This fall she'll start her doctorate of physical therapy program at Concordia University in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Emily DeValkenaere
Majors: Biology and Spanish
Club: The Legend at Merrill Hills

Emily’s favorite experiences in Madison were meeting her fiancé in the Evans Scholarship House, hanging out at the Terrace in the summer, gaining work experience at the UW Hospital and Date Party in the Dells. Her favorite community experience was the Christmas for Kids event. After graduation, she will be moving to Oklahoma City, working as a laboratory scientist, and will be getting married in February of 2019.

Hayley Ostrowski
Major: Legal Studies
Certificates: Criminal Justice and Business
Club: Big Foot CC

Hayley spent her time in Madison attending Badger football games, relaxing at the terrace, and participating in the Color Guard at Badger Basketball and Football Games. She was a very active Scholar and enjoyed Summer Outing and Golf Ball, House events and watching the Badger basketball team play in the National Championship her freshmen year in the basement! She will be commissioned as a second lieutenant in the United States Air Force. Then she will be assigned to Los Angeles Air Force Base to start her career as an acquisitions manager.

“I'll be marrying fellow Wisconsin Evans Scholar John McMahon (Wisconsin '15) on June 15, 2018, in Milwaukee.”

Hunter Thompson
Major: Retail
Certificate: Digital Studies
Club: Big Foot CC

Hunter’s favorite memories in college were being an Evans Scholar, DECA, Student Retail Association, club trips, and studying abroad in China. As an Evans Scholar, he participated in many chapter events, his favorite being Date Party and Golf Ball. Working with fellow Scholars at a meal job was another highlight of the Evans Scholar experience. After graduation, he will be working as a territory sales manager for Altria Group Distribution Company.

Jacob Ames
Major: Civil Engineering
Club: Pine Hills CC

Some highlights of Jacob’s time in Madison include Wisconsin’s trip to the Final Four and Badger football games. As an Evans Scholar, his favorite memory was taking a trip with Scholars to the Cotton Bowl last year. He will be back in Madison next year to finish his degree. Over the summer, he will be interning with Quasius Construction in Sheboygan as a project engineer. He hopes to work as a project manager upon graduation in December.

Josh Baumgartner
Majors: Computer Sciences and Political Science
Club: West Bend CC

Josh’s favorite time in Madison was during the summer. During the year, his favorite event as an Evans Scholar was the ski trip. He will be back next year to finish his degree and will be graduating in December.

“I am going to miss the current Evans Scholarship House, but glad my class was able to experience four wonderful years in it.”

Kevin Kilgas
Major: Engineering Mechanics
Club: North Shore GC

Kevin has spent his time at the terrace with some friends and catching the sunset, going on long road trips over spring break and the summer out west, watching the Badgers do what they do best, and finding some lifelong friendships. His favorite memories with the chapter were going to Winter Outing and winning three of the basketball tournaments, and going to date party. This fall, he will be finishing his last semester of school, as well as getting married! Once he is done with school he is looking to move to Colorado.

Kyle Sandow
Majors: Elementary Education and History
Club: Racine CC

Kyle has enjoyed his time the most while interning at the Wisconsin State Capitol, abroad in Umea, Sweden, and the road trip to the Colorado Evans Scholarship House. As an Evans Scholar, his favorite events to go to were Golf Ball and Summer Outing every year. He will be finishing his degree over the summer. He will continue his education at UW-Madison with his second bachelor's program, this time in Early Childhood Education beginning in the fall of 2019.

Logan Tenney
Major: Biochemisty
Club: Big Foot CC

Logan has this to say about his time in Madison as an Evans Scholar: “Football games and late cool nights of fall in Madison, I used to love the colors and smells... The tree bark after a good cold fall rain saturated brown and black... passing a coffee shop cooking sweet muffins and serving them with the bitter bite of a good black coffee. Runs around Madison enjoying the fleeting feelings of warmth and sunshine before the impending doom of a cold, dark Madison winter. Falling in love with a random person in the street, if only for a minute, at the realization that the eyes you've just met contain within themselves a totally new story, filled with a unique trials and shortcomings as well as successes and loves, heartbreaks. To be honest, I'm really going to miss this place, nostalgia is a very dangerous game. I don't regret a thing, that’s the beauty of it. Nothing has gone to waste, I took opportunities seriously and made the absolute most of them. I've shared smiles, tears, suffocating laughs, and great disappointments, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.”

After college Logan will be moving out east, doing research in the chemistry field.

Noah Dreikosen
Majors: Mechanical Engineering | Computer Sciences
Club: Wausau CC

Noah enjoyed hanging out with people from the chapter. After leaving the chapter he will be finishing degree, hoping to go into product design.