Living with siblings in the Evans Scholarship House

This month we feature Evans Scholars who currently live in the Scholarship House with siblings. Throughout the history of the Wisconsin chapter, we have seen a number of caddies earn the Evans Scholarship and become role models for their younger siblings who also go on to caddie and earn the Scholarship. Being blessed with the Evans Scholarship takes a huge financial burden off of many families across the country to allow students to focus on their academics and have a chance to succeed. Upon receiving the Scholarship, New Scholars are welcomed by upperclassmen into their home away from home. While coming into college is an exciting time, it can also be quite overwhelming to leave the comfort of family and home. For a select bunch in the Wisconsin Evans Scholarship House, they not only get the chance to become part of the Chick Evans family, but also get to experience this alongside their siblings.

Sarah Larson (Graduating 2019)

As the oldest child in our family, me going to college was a new experience for all of us. My first two years in the Evans Scholarship House I was able to have some great experiences with so many people I consider my closest friends. I was excited for Sam to come to the Evans Scholarship House my junior year, so he could meet all the people I had talked about throughout my college career and hopefully have some of the same friends. As much as we enjoy living in the Evans Scholarship House together, I think it's especially helpful for our parents. They know a lot of the people who we live with, and they know that we'll watch out for each other and help each other out, even if it's just sharing groceries or coordinating rides to go back home for holidays.

Sam Larson (Graduating 2021)
I think my experience has been shaped because I've gotten closer to a lot of Sarah's friends that I otherwise wouldn't have known very well, like picking her roommate as my house mom. It's been helpful to have my sister close by as that extra voice of advice on most matters.

Katie Szymski (Graduating 2020)
When I found out how much my brother loved UW-Madison, I knew this place was something special, and that I wanted to be a part of it! I can honestly say that going to the same college as my older brother and living with him again is one of the best things that I have done in my life. This campus is big enough where we don't see each other every day, but I know he is only a text, phone call, or flight of stairs away! It is a wonderful feeling knowing that if something were to ever go wrong, or I need help with something, my brother is here to help. I found it quite easy coming into the Scholarship House knowing that my brother was already here and succeeding. I for sure think I was able to get to know everyone a little bit faster since everyone knew me as Matt's little sister and they would come introduce themselves during the first week of school. That helped me to get adjusted to living at school a lot quicker because of all the friendly faces that were so willing to talk to me. Matt and I have always been close growing up, so I knew that coming into a new state and living without my parents would be hard, but it was a giant relief off my shoulders knowing that I wouldn't be alone.

Matt Szymski (Graduating 2019)
Living in the Scholarship House with a sibling has definitely been a blessing. There's just something that is nice about having someone who will always have time to talk about how your day was, or how difficult a class is. I knew that my parents would lean on me to make sure that she had a smooth transition to college, especially since she is a diabetic.

Grace Gillingham (Graduating 2022)
I'm sure once Kalen is here the experience will be a little different, but a lot more exciting for the both of us. Kalen and I are already like best friends, and I'm excited to live with her in the Scholarship House. I know it will only bring us closer together. I caddied because I saw how the Scholarship impacted Kalen's life and I wanted to work hard to achieve the same opportunities as her. It definitely made it easier to have her to help me through the process of transitioning to college, even though she is currently abroad. We also have very similar interests and that helped shaped in my decision to major in communication arts.

Kalen Gillingham (Graduating 2020)
Though I haven't gotten the privilege of living with Grace in the Evans Scholarship House yet, I'm sure it'll be almost like living with her at home. I'm very excited to return to the house so that I can show her my favorite spots on campus. I feel as though I've been a mentor my entire life being the oldest of my siblings. However, having another member of your family receive the Scholarship makes you appreciate this blessing that much more, and makes you want to reach out to others about the Evans and give back to it that much more.

Joe Losinski (Graduating 2019)
Living in the Evans Scholarship House with a family member is like living with a piece of home who follows you around and never left. While my experience as an Evans Scholar hasn't been much affected by my sibling in the Scholarship House, it's made me more aware of my academic experiences, and how I can use those experiences to help my younger sibling, who has the same questions that I had years ago. I can always give Sam advice on what mistakes not to make.

Sam Losinski (Graduating 2021)
As a New Scholar, it was really nice going into the Scholarship House knowing some of Joe's friends so that I wasn't so lost as a freshman. I think that my experience in the Scholarship House definitely depend greatly on having Joe in the chapter. He introduced me to his roommates first, and those were the first people I knew in the Scholarship House beside Joe. And if I ever need to ask anyone anything about what's going on for school or something, I always go to Joe. I definitely found it easier coming to college because Joe is here. I felt very comfortable knowing that someone who is important to me will always have my back. I even decided on the same major as my older brother!

Chris Anderson (Graduating 2021)
Living with my brother in the Scholarship House is pretty similar to living at home. We have small fights about silly things while having fun at the same time. I think that my experiences around the Scholarship House have been shaped by my brother because we made different friend groups in the chapter. So, staying close with each other has brought us both a lot closer to a much wider range of people in the chapter than we otherwise would have. We started caddying because our older brother, Tony Anderson, also got the Scholarship. We found it easier coming into the chapter because we had a pretty good idea about the social dynamic of the chapter, as well as the responsibilities that come with this privilege.

Josh Anderson (Graduating 2020)
Coming into the Scholarship House with my twin brother Chris was easier to adjust to college life since there's someone I know really well in the House with me. Now that Chris is switching to the same major as me (business), I've been able to guide him and catch him up on what he should do to be successful.

Jake Wheeler (Class of 2016, current RA)
Having my older brother Steven already in the Scholarship House was awesome, it definitely made me feel more comfortable coming in as a freshman having him around. Also, I had heard about his experiences as an Evans Scholar and about Madison in general, so it made me more excited and less nervous about the whole transition to the Scholarship House and to college in general. Having siblings in the chapter is great; it really makes parents' events awesome, like when we have tailgates, or the brunch cruise, and our parents come to town and we actually have a good chunk of our family together! I feel like growing up we were able to help each other out with caddying tips to the younger siblings, and it made it more fun to caddie together at the course, or more fun while we were sitting on the caddie benches waiting to get a loop at 6 in the morning

Anna Wheeler (Graduating 2019)
Having older brothers in the Scholarship House was extremely helpful coming to college. Especially as the youngest in my family and only girl, I think it calmed my mom down a lot and made the transition easier for her especially.

Sean Casey (Graduating 2019)
It's been great living in the Scholarship House with my younger brother, Tommy. It's a lot of fun to have someone you know as well as your brother along for the ride in the House. Having a pre-established relationship definitely makes it easier to seek/give advice or help.

Massimo Onesto (Graduating 2020)
I am happy I get to spend time with my best friend in such a different setting from living back at home. My brother and I have grown closer since living together in the Scholarship House. We have similar interests, so it is fun having someone around that you can always relate to. If anything, having my brother around has helped shape my campus experience. We often go study together and hold each other accountable to do well in school. Since both of us have moved in I have felt much more obligated to watch out for my younger brother and show him the ropes of what it's like to be in college. For me, the transition to college was not the easiest and I make sure to always be there for my brother for any questions or concerns he may have with classes, social life, and so on.