Chapter Update

As the spring semester is getting underway UW-Wisconsin's Scholars are back to their hard work and making a difference in the community. Already, this semester there have been many notable actions taken by the chapter's Scholars.

At this year's annual Evans Scholars inter-chapter basketball tournament, both the men's and women's teams from Wisconsin brought home trophies. For the men, this marks their third win in the last four years. With a few people from each year in school on the team, the men's team should continue to see success in years to come. The women's team had a lot of players who had never played competitive basketball before, but that did not stop them from participating. With the help of a couple experienced upperclassmen on the women's team, the younger players were able to learn the game and help the team in a big way. Winter Outing provides a great opportunity for Scholars to bond, as both teams practice multiple times a week leading up to the tournament.

The chapter also had their first blood drive of the semester, put on at the House by The American Red Cross. The blood drive provides Scholars the opportunity to volunteer and help save lives in the process. Many Scholars choose to donate themselves, but they also work the front desk, recovery area, and make sure those who are donating are comfortable. The American Red Cross was so happy with the results, they have requested another blood drive be set up at the House later in the semester.

Update: Sophomore Max Henry spent the first week of his spring semester in California with UW-Madison's Badger-Loop team. The team was presenting their hyper-loop pod design at a competition put on by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The team received the Innovation Award and had the only pod capable of fitting a full-sized person. For Max, the work did not stop with the competition, as he plans to continue to help with the project and advance their pod design even further.