Semester Recap

This semester seemingly flew by, even with all that has been going on. The football season did not end the way Badger fans would have liked. With a loss in the Big 10 Championship Game, the Badgers fell out of contention for the College Football Playoff. The Badgers do still have a top 10 match-up in the Orange Bowl against Miami University in Miami, Florida, on Dec. 30.

Wisconsin Scholars have volunteered for many events throughout the fall. During the inaugural week of service for the Evans Scholars Foundation, Scholars volunteered at the local Ronald McDonald House, designing lunch bags, cleaning toys, and other small tasks. At the Scholarship House, we also held our annual blood drive through the American Red Cross and made blankets for Project Linus, which distributes the blankets throughout the Madison area.

As with every semester, there will be a couple of people leaving to go abroad, as well as a few others coming back to campus from being abroad. We are looking forward to seeing those who were not in Madison last semester and, wish safe travels to those going abroad in the spring.

We all know our time in the current Scholarship House is limited, with the current House being demolished this summer, and plans for a new one to  be built in its place. We are looking into having an Alumni Day at the House in the spring because we know generations of Evans Scholars have memories vested there. We hope to have more detail in the coming weeks.

Finally we would like to congratulate the high school seniors in Wisconsin and throughout the country who have been awarded the Evans Scholarship this year; we look forward to welcoming them into the great community of Evans Scholars.