Active Scholars

As winter begins to thaw in Madison, the Scholars in Wisconsin look for more ways to be active. There are several Scholars who already stay active all year long by being involved in club sports. The longest club member, senior Liz McMahon has been playing basketball her entire college career. While sophomore Lil Stenz has been involved in ice hockey for the past two seasons. Lastly, freshman Emily Stummer has been enjoying her time on the volleyball team. They all dedicate time each week to their sport while still putting in the time in the library.

Liz was introduced to the club team through the Evans Scholars chapter. When she arrived in Madison there were already several Scholars involved. This made her more comfortable joining the team for the sport she was not ready to give up. She balances her time by being organized with her schedule, allowing herself time to get ahead on school work. However, there are those times when she is crammed for time and she has to work late to complete her work. She also has some words of advice for New Scholars who might want to get involved, "I would recommend club sports to anyone who even thinks they might have an interest. It's a great way to meet new friends of all ages and to keep a balance in your life."

Lil began playing hockey for the club team after looking to be more involved in sports at school. She had not played ice hockey competitively before, but after trying it out once she was hooked. The team has been a lower time commitment that expected. She uses the practices as a reward, and makes sure she has finished her work well in advance. Starting a new sport can be difficult, but Lil had some words of wisdom for those who are looking for new things to try. "Taking up a new sport this late in life was a risk and a new experience for me, but it's been a journey I am proud to be a part of."

Emily played volleyball throughout high school and wanted to continue in college. She joined the team as soon as she came to school. The time commitment is lower than that of varsity sports, which made the transition easy. Emily felt that the experience has been great for the transition from high school to college. She said "Playing on the team definitely eased my transition to college because I got to play the sport I love, and it keeps me active."