Scholars' Club Involvement

We took time to interview some Scholars who take part in clubs throughout the university. With more than 900 clubs on campus, they are far-reaching. The clubs include career-oriented opportunities, as well as clubs to learn more about cultures and religions from around the world.

Justin Paddock
"I am part of the Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) team at UW-Madison. I work on the chassis and drivetrain specific to the electric-powered vehicle. I first heard about Formula SAE at an organized event where each engineering club presented details about their club. I started to regularly attend the meetings, and eventually I got to know the older members on the team who started giving me projects that had to be done on the car. My best experiences have been learning about the systems and gaining insight on the designing process that goes into developing the car for competition. I have met many smart, driven individuals who have extensive knowledge about the vehicle, and are willing to teach new members about the intricate systems in the car."

Natalia Kaniewska
"The club I am most heavily involved with is the Polish Student Association at UW-Madison. I have been a part of the club since freshmen year and have been president since my sophomore year. I got involved because I was seeking a Polish community on UW-Madison's campus, which worked out really well since Natalia Chreptowicz was the president when I was entering the university. Since then, it has been great preserving and sharing Polish culture with students, faculty, and the greater Madison community.

My best experiences with the club are all of the various events we put on for students and the Madison community. This year we hosted the 28th annual Polish Film Festival, on Nov. 18 and Dec. 2, where we put on a series of four contemporary Polish films at the Marquee Theatre. This is our biggest campus outreach event, and we had over 500 people attend this year. Other notable events from throughout my time in the club include dancing the traditional Polonez at various events, ice skating socials, Pierogi Night, volleyball and soccer socials, movie nights and hosting a Global Café in partnership with the International Student Services."

Sarah Larson
"I am a member of Badger Catholic. As a registered student org, we have an office in the Student Activities Center. My favorite experiences are with the other staff members during office hours, because I get to talk to some people who I normally don't see throughout the week. Plus as a member of the marketing team, it's a great way to brainstorm new ideas with a variety of different creative inputs! I started attending BC events right away my freshman year because I knew I wanted to continue getting involved in my faith at college. My sophomore year a friend convinced me to apply for a position on the staff as a graphic designer, which has been a great way to meet so many amazing people who are all supportive of one another!"