Current Scholars

Chapter History

Founded in 1848, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has long been known as a world-class research university, rich in diversity and innovative ideas. The institution provides its 40,000 students with a learning environment that fosters critical and creative thinking and the development of knowledgeable, well-rounded individuals.

Given its reputation, the institution was an attractive choice for the fourth Evans Scholars Chapter. Organized in 1953, the Wisconsin Chapter began in temporary housing. After moving around a bit, the current house at 141 Langdon St., Madison, was purchased in 1971.

In 1985, the chapter became coed. The house, just like its occupants, is constantly evolving. Important additions include Ronald T. Rolfs library and Roland F. “Mac” McGuigan computer lab. The Wisconsin Chapter boasts excellence in academics, Badger pride and exceptional Evans Scholars Alumni.